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• Crop rotations, soil testing, awareness about sustainable environments, selection of high yielding varieties
• Vermicompost unit development as a source of home-grown bio inputs to replace chemical fertilizers
• Post-harvest training
• Exposure visits to various agricultural institutions (at our cost)

Socio-economic development
We have initiated agriculture projects with people living in regions with various socio-economic difficulties.
• Rice procurement from the areas of Ranbir Singh Pura sector and Pallanwala sector helps farmers with unstable earnings and scarce employment opportunities build a stable livelihood.
• Rice, saffron and walnut is bought from areas in the Kashmir region to provide farmers with regular and premium returns on their produce.
• We source red kidney beans from the Bhaderwah region which is far flung and has hilly terrain and lacks irrigation facilities, with the crops being only rain-fed.
• Some parts of Himachal Pradesh have very small land holdings and the farmers have limited sources of income. From here we procure non-Basmati rice,wheat and maize.

• We have opened farmer service centres, which serve as a point of interface with farmers of a designated area. Here they are imparted training, and can have their farming and other queries redressed.
• We facilitate procurement of their produce with doorstep service, thus saving transportation costs for the farmers.
• We also procure the produce at premium rates compared to market

Socio-cultural development
We are contributing to keeping the cultural values and age-old practices of the Himalayan region intact by supporting the revival of ancient grains and eating habits.
• We are running a program along with local agricultural institutions to promote age-old traditional seeds like Ranbir Basmati which is an authentic
ancient Basmati grain.
• We are proud to contribute to the revival of two ancient rice varieties of the Kashmir region through a program along with SKAUST-Kashmir. These are
the Mushkbudji and Kamad varieties which are highly aromatic and are cooked for special occasions like marriages.
• Our red kidney bean programme in the Bhaderwah region is an effort towards keeping alive the age-old local delicacy which is served along with

“I am doing God’s work and that is very important. I want to spread the message of love and harmony across the world. Anyone who participates in this endeavor is bound to lead a happy life.”

– Mr. Suraj Prakash Gupta (Papaji)
Chairman, Sarveshwar

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Rice, Red Rice, Brown Rice, Flours,Pulses, Nuts & Dry Fruits, Spices & Condiments, Jaggery & Sugar,
Breakfast Cereals, Edible Oils,Saffron, Super food and etc .