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We want our philosophy of a healthy, satvic lifestyle to reach every home and family and spread the message of
360º good karma around the world. We have a robust Distribution Network distribution network in India and a growing presence globally to help us deliver our produce to our consumers everywhere.

Distribution Network in India

“I am doing God’s work and that is very important. I want to spread the message of love and harmony across the world. Anyone who participates in this endeavor is bound to lead a happy life.”

– Mr. Suraj Prakash Gupta (Papaji)
Chairman, Sarveshwar

Product Portfolio

Rice, Red Rice, Brown Rice, Flours,Pulses, Nuts & Dry Fruits, Spices & Condiments, Jaggery & Sugar,
Breakfast Cereals, Edible Oils,Saffron, Super food and etc .