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360 Degree Good Karma

At Sarveshwar, the Himalayas are at the centre of our philosophy and our work. The tenets of karma and a satvic lifestyle drive all our efforts.The concept of karma says that all our actions have theirconsequences — what goes around comes around.When we mean well and do good, we are rewarded with happiness, peace and contentment.And so, we try our best to be conscious of our thoughts and actions towards everyone we connect with — our farmers, employees, consumers, guests, and their families.

This is our philosophy of 360° good karma — the best intentions in every direction.We believe that this idea is embodied through a satvic lifestyle, a conscious choice to be spiritual, live healthy,and help others, typical of the majestic mountains we call
our home. When you consume Sarveshwar foods, you consume satvic produce — food that has been grown as nature intended it, using the best traditions of centuries old farming, with the utmost respect for the grain.

Our farmers have been part of the Sarveshwar family for generations, and we have grown together by bringing to your table the finest produce from the lap of the Himalayas, grown in the mineral rich soils of the Jammu region and nurtured by the snow melted waters of the River Chenab.